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NSF UM CARTA is dedicated to pre-competitive research in advanced data analytics. The use of Data Analytics has become the “cover charge” for private and public organizations that want to provide high levels of service to their clients and customers.  However, data is no longer limited to static repositories that can be analyzed at will, but now includes live, moving data sources such as video, voice, social networking, and the Internet of Things (IoT) that must be integrated across multiple sources to provide immediate, real-time decision support.  Extracting value from massive and moving data hinges on balancing fundamental research, technological know-how, and commercial market intelligence.  

Data Wrangling, the process of preparing data for the application of analytic tools and techniques, is rapidly becoming a critical part of the analytics process, especially for non-textual data sources. Data Governance is another developing challenge as organizations seek to use data from many sources. Understanding the quality and provenance of the data is vital to making trustworthy decisions based on analyzing multi-source data streams. Cutting across all of these is the need to maintain the security of the data and the analytic processes, especially when the data itself can contain executable and potentially malicious elements.

To meet these needs, NSF UM CARTA offers the following resources:

Talent Roster

NSF University of Miami CARTA resources will significantly lower the barriers of entry into advanced, real-time analytics. We build project-specific teams to optimize resources in a fast turnaround environment.

Advanced Computing Software Engineering

Analytics Expertise

The multidisciplinary expertise of our advanced analytics talent stream deploys powerful data science tools to uncover hidden patterns, find fresh insights, and respond quickly to emerging issues.
AI + Machine Learning Smart Cities Digital Health

Next-Generation Technology

Enjoy access to the University's state-of-the-art advanced technology and tools for easier, more efficient, and more meaningful data fusion and analytics that can accelerate your research.
Triton Supercomputer Visualization Lab