GE Smart Home control using Smart Home
Global Partnerships
From smart homes to the Internet of things (IoT), NSF UM CARTA's partnership with GE Global Research is exploring collaborative research opportunities throughout the technology sector.
TRITON Supercomputer with TRITON "U" trident logo TRITON Supercomputer with TRITON "U" trident logo
Next-Generation Technologies
Built using IBM Power Systems AC922 servers, the U's TRITON Supercomputer was designed to maximize data movement between the IBM POWER9 CPU and attached accelerators like GPUs.
CARTA-CHMPR Industry Advisory Board, Fall 2017

Industry Partners

UM CARTA is the 5th partner site of the umbrella Center for Accelerated Realtime Analytics, a National Science Foundation-funded Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRC). 
Meet Mitsunori "Mitsu" Ogihara, PhD. Dr. Ogihara is the UM CARTA Director. He leads IDSC's AI + Machine Learning program, and is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science.

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Vision + Mission

Extracting value from massive and moving data hinges on balancing fundamental research, technological know-how, and commercial market intelligence. 

UM CARTA connects industry partners to an advanced analytics talent stream and advanced technologies and tools for easier, more efficient, and more meaningful data fusion and analytics.